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  • Conveyancing

Your Conveyancer is the person who will carry out the legal paperwork in connection with the sale or purchase of your property and make sure that it is properly dealt with and registered at Land Registry in accordance with current requirements.

Your Conveyancer will ensure that on completion of a purchase any Mortgages secured over the property by the Seller are paid off and the property is transferred to the Purchaser free of any debts incurred by the previous owners.

Your Conveyancer will carry out a Local Authority search and other such searches and enquiries as necessary and will then report to you with the relevant legal information about the property before you are committed to the purchase.

Your Conveyancer will also deal with any requirements of your Mortgage Lender and will liaise with your Estate Agent and Mortgage Broker to ensure that everyone works together to complete your house sale and purchase with minimal stress and delay as far as possible.

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